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So it’s come to this. “This” being Hunch.com, the website that “helps you make decisions and gets smarter the more you use it.” Whatever you’re struggling with–where to live, what kind of job to have, what cocktail to make your signature–it’ll tell you what to do. It’s kind of 1984, doncha think? Are decisions really so hard (and technology really so advanced) that we’d rather put our trust in the ability of a machine to translate our answers to a couple of questions into a string of zeros and ones and, from that, into a suitable prescription than in that of our own gut?

Actually, sometimes decisions are that hard. After all, guts are fickle barometers. Easily swayed. Impressionable. And if we choose wrong, we’ve no one to blame but ourselves for our disappointment. I’ll confess: whenever I go out to eat, I ask the waiter what he recommends, and order that (now you know how I voted in this week’s poll). That way, if I hate it, at least it’s not my fault. Of course, this is not a failsafe stragety. (I’ll spare you the details; suffice it to say that as reluctant as I can be to trust my own gut, the feeling is likely mutual.) And though hunch likely isn’t failsafe either, perhaps it’s as good a strategy as any.


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