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Did ya hear? Men’s Health magazine–rag that launched a thousand Eat This, Not Thats–has birthed a feminist blog. Seriously. And I don’t mean a feminist-ish blog, I mean one who’s title leaves no question as to its raison d’etre…. it’s called “The Men’s Health Feminist.” Pretty cool, no?

Here’s a tad from reporter Kiera Aaron’s introductory post:

Feminist is a loaded term. I’m well aware of this. Expressed ever so bluntly by a male friend, ‘You’re the Men’s Health Feminist? But–you’re not a bitch. I just don’t get it.’

…If I tell you I’m feminist, what image comes to mind? Someone who doesn’t shave her legs? Someone who’s angry all the time? Who wears Doc Martens? (Okay, I might be guilty of the last one.) But why cant the term evoke an image of someone who wouldn’t appear in Girls Gone Wild for all the money in the world? Someone who would go into credit card debt before trying to obtain free dinners from random guys? Aren’t those good things?

And while the points she makes about our cultural baggage still weighing the F-word down are nothing that hasn’t been–oh, hell–that we haven’t made here, here and here already, what’s pretty clearly new and definitely exciting is the venue. Men’s Health. Let’s hope some of those healthy men read it.


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